Big 5 marathon


Le Marathon du Médoc

Marathon du Medoc | Van Franse bodem

Le Marathon du Médoc is a great running experience that covers 42.2 km. This race is perfect for all the winelovers. During the race, you can sample various wine and local food. This is a racing experience focused on excitement, fun, exploring France and enjoying your time there. The first runner that crosses the finish line wins their weight in wine!

Tenerife Bluetrail

Tenerife Bluetrail

Fans of trail running will love the Tenerife Bluetrail. The ultramarathon starts at sea level and goes all the way up to the Teide summit at 3.550 m above sealevel. The highest summit in Spain. Over the course of 105 km, you’ll encounter the most gorgeous views.

Big Five Marathon

De top 5 meest bijzondere marathons ter wereld - Mountainreporters

For many of us, seeing the big five (elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard) in South Africa is a bucket list item. Why not combine your passion of running with a dream of a life time? The Big Five Marathon is the ultimate safari. It takes place in the African savannah in South Africa. This is a region known for having lots of wildlife. Runners are not separated from the wildlife by fences or rivers. You’ll be up close and personal with nature.

Great Wall Marathon

Marathon Great Wall 2022 - Boek met startbewijs |

Would you like a marathon near the Great Wall Marathon? Who wouldn’t? Named one of the most challenging marathons in the world, the marathon is a wonderful way to visit China and explore one of the amazing world wonders. Running the race is an unforgettable experience.

Siberian Ice Half Marathon

Siberian Ice Half Marathon, Jan 07 2022 | World's Marathons

Wim Hof will find this race a walk in the park. For the rest of us, the Siberian Ice Half Marathon is brutal. You’ll complete 21.1 km in -20 degree Celsius (on a good day, the temperature can get as low as -42 degree Celsius). This unique race takes you through the beautiful snowy Omsk. When compared to other running races, but it’s also very exciting and a once in a lifetime opportunity!


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