Running testimonials

Evert de Vries


“Shanira is the most knowledgeable running coach that I came across. Her sense of responsibility, work ethic, and attention to detail further impressed me. She could provide much-needed guidance for me to improve my running experiences. As an avid smoker, a change had to be made and Shanira is helping me to get there one step at a time. If you are looking for a running coach, I can highly recommend her to you.”

“I got the chance to work with Shanira and improve my running. She understood my specific requirements and helped me to create a perfect running plan. It helped me to increase my performance. Along with all her support, I was able to complete my first half marathon. I still continue to work with Shanira as she will be able to take my running adventures to the next level.”

First half marathon
Shahaila Clement

First half marathon

Michael Baumgartner

Experienced Runner

“I was struggling hard to improve my PR, but I figured out that it’s not something that I can easily do on my own. Shanira was able to help me with the areas where I was struggling with. With her help, I am training for the Munich Half Marathon in October. Thank you for all the support given to me throughout! “

“The consultation sessions and coaching sessions I got from Shanira were truly outstanding. She is an expert running coach and she knows what she is doing. I discovered her awesomeness as a running coach the moment I started talking to her. She is flexible with the coaching sessions as well as the schedules. I got the chance to go through a stress-free experience and improve my runs. I’m glad that I got to know about Shanira as my running coach. “

Fatima Abdiche