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Benefits of having a running coach

Benefits of a running coach

Whether you are a beginner at running or a veteran, a running coach can benefit anyone. Let’s explore the benefits that you can experience by having a running coach.

Lower running injuries

A coach will teach you have to listen to your body. We have all run when deep inside we knew we shouldn’t have resulting in an overuse injury that could’ve been prevented. A coach will keep an eye on you and your training load. As well as, provide you with strenght exercises that will improve your performance and reduce the chances of an injury.

Personalised training

A coach creates a custom-made plan that is tailored to the athlete’s personal needs. A running coach will be able to provide personalized assistance on how to run and how to improve your performance. Keeping in mind their current fitness level and goals, they will guide you there efficiently and effectively.

Support and motivation

Running is an individual sport. That has it’s upsides and downsides. While I believe intrinsic motivation is better than extrinsic motivation, knowing that someone is keeping a close eye on your runs can give you that extra push to get out of the door. The running coach will continuously motivate you and help you improve over time.