Holiday gift ideas for runners

Holiday Gift Ideas for Runners

If you’ve got a runner on your holiday shopping list and are short on ideas, look no further than this gift guide for runners. No matter how hard they are to buy for, there are likely some ideas they’ll love on this list. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or a last-minute stocking stuffer, keep reading to find some great gift ideas for this holiday season.

Gifts Under $20

Pro-Tec Athletics Spiky Massage Ball – $9.95 at

This firm, 3” spiky ball provides deep tissue relief and can be used on many different parts of the body. The spiky outer layer was designed to help increase circulation. It makes an excellent tool for plantar fasciitis. A great stocking stuffer for any runner on your list!

Squirrel’s Nut Butter – $14.99 at

There is a reason that Squirrel’s Nut Butter is a favourite of so many athletes across the globe – it simply works. Runners, cyclists, hikers, and any other athlete on your holiday list would be over the moon to find some Squirrel’s Nut Butter in their stockings.

Nathan StrobeLight Bundle (2 Pack)$18 at

Designed for easy use, these bright clip-on lights are a great way to stay visible while running in the dark. They can be clipped on clothes, packs, jackets, and even a dog’s collar, making them as versatile as they are affordable. Featuring LED lights and long battery life, they can be seen from a distance and last for hours and hours.

Gifts Under $50

Goodr OG Sunglasses – $25 at

Designed by runners, for runners, Goodr OG’s changed the sunglass running market when they were released in 2015. Goodrs won’t slip or bounce on a run; every pair also features polarized lenses. These aren’t even their best features though, as the company’s main goal was to make affordable sunglasses for runners – Each pair of OG glasses is only $25. There are also endless colour combinations, so owning a few different pairs is highly encouraged! Goodr Sunglasses have been chosen as the Runner’s World Gear of the Year 3 times for a very good reason.

Koala Clip – $28.99 at

The Koala Clip was designed to clip on the back of any sports bra, giving women a waterproof pouch to keep their keys, phone, etc. When worn with a shirt over top, valuables are almost completely hidden from view, all while allowing for a hands-free run.

Tailwind Nutrition Starter Pack – $29.00 at

Tailwind is one of the most popular types of nutrition for runners, with everyone from new runners to professional athletes fueling their runs with it. Simply add it to water, and let Tailwind fuel runs of any length. The Starter Pack comes with all of the most popular flavours, as well as some of their new Recovery formula.

Trigger Point Performance GRID Foam Roller – $36.95 at

At some point, every runner learns how important foam rolling is to keep their muscles loose and prevent injuries. The TriggerPoint roller is extra-firm, with raised bumps and lines to help get even the deepest muscle tissue. Its compact size makes it convenient to travel with as well.

Gifts Over $100

Shokz Openrun Standard – $129.95 at

Bone conduction open-ear headphones are the safest way to be able to run with music, while still allowing outside noise to be heard. Music isn’t played through speakers into the ears; instead, the sound is transmitted through vibrations to the inner ear bones of the skull. Shokz headphones make a great gift for runners of any ability.

Theragun Mini – $149 at

The Theragun Mini is essentially a pocket-sized massage therapist that can be taken anywhere. The Theragun can be used all over the body, and with three different speed settings, it is strong enough to loosen up even the tightest muscles after a hard run or workout.

Garmin Forerunner GPS Watch – Starting at $179.99 at

Garmin is one of the most trusted names in GPS devices, and their running watches are no exception. The Forerunner series was developed with runners in mind, and there is a model for every runner, no matter their skill level. From the Forerunner 45 to the brand-new Forerunner 955 Solar, the Garmin Forerunner packs a ton of features into a lightweight, tough package.

Coros Apex Premium Multisport GPS Watch – $349 at

Coros is a relatively new addition to the smartwatch market, but they made quite a bit of noise since arriving. The Apex Premium Multisport is one of their most feature-packed watches. Known for their long battery life, lightweight design, and affordable prices, Coros watches are quickly making a bigger name for themselves in the smartwatch segment.

Happy holidays!