Run Safely in the Summer

How to Run Safely in the Summer

How to run safely in the summer

Runners are a hearty type, we don’t stop moving. Even in the heat of summer, there is no exception, however there are of course, some concerns when running in warm conditions. Running in the heat can really drain you. In this blog, I’ll share a few tips on how to run safely in the summer heat.


The biggest thing you have to focus on while running in the summer is hydration. It cannot be stressed enough. By hydration, that means water and electrolytes. Running with a bottle of water or hydration pack on you, especially on long runs, is a smart idea. For example, plain water, sports drinks, and salt pills help replenish the water and electrolytes that you have lost. Moreover, if you all of a sudden stop sweating in the middle of your run, you must stop running immediately. This is a sign of severe dehydration.


Additionally, dressing appropriately helps keep you cool when running in the heat. When dressing for the heat you are looking for light clothing. Light tank tops, crop tops, sweat wicking shorts, are all acceptable apparel for running in the heat of the summer. 

Early mornings and late evenings

When you run in the summer, try to go out in the early morning and evening. Always check your area’s weather and temperature forecast. Normally, the morning and evening are usually cooler than the rest of the day. Going on your run in the heat of the day is not advised. If you do have to run in the afternoon, then try and run on shady trails or streets that have a lot of shade or cover. Furthermore, it is recommended to run on effort instead of speed. In practice, this means that you are running at least 30 seconds per kilometer slower than in cooler circumstances. And skipping quality training might be a good idea. An alternative is the dreadful treadmill running. Many of us absolutely detest treadmill running. However, it can be a good alternative in the summer heat.

As in any other conditions, take the right precautions to stay safe. Bring your water bottle and stay hydrated. Make sure to keep an eye on your area’s weather and temperature to make sure you are running at a good time of day that is coolest. Make sure to dress appropriately for your run and again, keep in mind the temperature of your area. Last but not least, while it has it’s challenges, summer is certainly a wonderful time to get outside and run. Hopefully with this advice you can get out onto the street and trail and helps you to run safely in the summer. As always make sure you have a great run.

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Happy running!

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