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The Benefits of an Online Running Coach for New Runners

Running is an incredible, life-changing form of exercise that almost anyone can enjoy. Many people try it out and quickly give it up. Unfortunately, they aren’t getting the results they believed they could. One of the best ways to avoid this to get a running coach for beginners.

Years ago, this meant tracking down one of a handful of coaches local to you and picking from a short list of candidates. Now though, with the advent of online coaching, you can have a coach from anywhere in the world! This means that you can find someone whose coaching methods, goals, and personality match up to yours, which is incredibly important in the long run (no pun intended!).

Let’s take a look a some of the reasons an online coach can be crucial to a new runner.


Starting any new sport or hobby can be daunting, as you’re bound to have dozens of questions. Running is no exception, with new things to try to figure out like running gait, heart rate zones, race pacing, and what the heck is a fartlek?!?

While Google can help with some of the questions that new runners have, certain things are a lot easier to have someone explain to you. A good coach will be reachable by any combination of text, phone call, zoom call, and email, depending on their preferences. Regardless, they’ll be able to answer any questions about running, stretching, racing, or anything else you can think of.


One of the most challenging parts of being a new runner is staying motivated and sticking to your training plan, even on days when you may not want to. Knowing that you’ve got someone checking up on your previous runs can help you get out the door on days when you don’t want to. Additionally, it helps you push through a tough workout when you know that your coach will be looking back at your stats shortly after you finish. Without a coach, it’s easy to slack off at the end of a hard run or skip a run entirely, because no one will ever know.

Custom Training Plans

Running plans are like running shoes; they are not one size fits all! Five runners with the same goal will likely have five different training plans, depending on various factors, including fitness, age, injury history, hours available to train daily, etc. Downloading a pre-made training plan off the internet may “work,” but you won’t truly reach your potential, or worse. You could get injured if it is too advanced for your fitness level.     

Goal Setting

Setting achievable goals is an incredibly important. Yet, often an overlooked aspect of running that a good coach can make a big difference with. If your goals are unattainable at your level of fitness, it is easy to get discouraged and give up. A good running coach for beginners will be able to help set goals that are attainable, but still challenging enough that they push you to your best. And when things do get tough, they will be there to help you push through it.

Selection of Online Coaches

The best thing about online coaching is the selection of coaches available to choose from. This allows every runner to find a coach who specializes in the particular goals they are training for. And, someone whose personality and coaching style line up with yours. Getting the right coach is crucial in order to get the most out of your training.

Other Benefits of Online Coaching
  • Budget-friendly. When it comes to coaching, online coaches are much more affordable than in-person coaches
  • Race-specific coaching. If you are looking to train for a particular race, you can find a coach for that training block. Their personal training strategies will help you succeed at the race you want to train for
  • Online coaches are a great choice for runners whose work or life schedules aren’t a “normal 9-5”. And who can’t always commit to scheduled meetups with a coach in person

Check out my about me and coaching pages to learn more.

Happy running!

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